About Us


Silver Walnut is a shop for funny, uncomfortable and useful conceptual art for the home.  Paintings and sculptures come off walls and plinths into daily life to dry dishes, hold coffee, or offer an interesting thought for the day. Silver Walnut's multiples use art, design and craft to bridge the gap between art and the everyday world.  We bring the consumer to the art object and give artists another avenue to the world.

Silver Walnut's objects are made by the participating artist or with the help of small businesses.  In so doing, Silver Walnut supports the ethical production of the objects in our lives and the importance of knowing where the objects we use come from.

Made with conscience, accessibly priced.


Sally-Ann Rowland

Owner and founder Sally-Ann Rowland studied art at the South Australian School of Art and shortly after graduation won an scholarship that took her to New York where she did a Masters in Art at Columbia University, receiving a Columbia University Fellowship and the Joan Sovern Award for Sculpture. After two fabulous years meeting incredible artists and working on her artwork, Sally-Ann was awarded a year long studio residency at PS1/MoMA in New York. This was followed by years of exhibitions while working for a New York gallery and an international curator and academic.

Eight years later and back in Australia, Sally-Ann now works part time in law. Her love of art has never left her and she has continued to make artworks. Silver Walnut is an exciting new phase, in her words:

"I am excited to grow Silver Walnut into a viable platform where I can link the community with interesting, affordable artworks that are ethically made. I hope for this business to provide another avenue where artists and art lovers can meet."

About the name, "Silver Walnut"

The name of the business grew from an artwork about love. I had a time of great sadness a few years back and my lover at the time was so kind to me.  I saw us as two vulnerable things protected by a shell of our friendship and understanding. These thoughts gradually transformed into a picture of objects inside a walnut shell, the permanent form of which became the pair of bronze walnut shells that each encase two ball bearings. There is a promise of permanence in the materials of bronze and steel which is reinforced by the title, "The Way Things Are".  It is available for purchase in the Silver Walnut shop.