Christmas Ornaments Made From Shit


'Christmas Ornaments Made From Shit' reference the obviously awful materials that constitute the majority of the world's Christmas ornaments, as the BBC has described, now originating en masse from Yiwi, China - our 21st century North Pole.

Here is a chance to spread the love and hang an ornament that is not only hand made in Melbourne, Australia but is also a conceptual sculpture!  In our age of healthy choices and ingredients hyper-consciousness, these sculptures are a humourous  anticelebration of all the bad things that things can be made of and just how enticing that can be.

The ornaments are sold according to their general shape - pyramid, clump, line and arch.  As each ornament is a unique sculpture by Sally-Ann Rowland, a particular ornaments may not be identical to the ornament used to picture and describe the category.  If you would like images of the available ornaments emailed to you before your purchase, please contact us at

The ornaments are hand painted acrylic paint on white foam, glued together and with a crown fastener fixed to each liquorish stack for easy hanging.